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We can help as needed or provide a complete turn-key digital signage solution.

Not only do we provide an amazing hosted digital signage platform, we’ve been perfecting our approach to maintenance services for over 2 years now, and with multiple client projects under our belt, we have no doubt we can help you with yours too.
Once you get started with your own Blynk Hosting Plan, you might need help with designing and building your digital signage network. No worries, own team of professional and experienced Network Architects are ready to jump in.
To help you understand our approach to providing digital signage management services, we have found that all digital signage projects breakdown into 6 phases. Our approach is to focus on content & function first.
Contact us if you need help with any of these phases and we can provide you an estimate.


Each client brings their own set of unique skills to the table. In the planning phase, we identify all the elements, assess the skills required, determine what services are needed, and come up with an estimate and plan to successfully complete the digital signage deployment.

The Demo Instance is an excellent resource for testing and evaluation, coupled with documentation and videos to round out your knowledge and get your team familiar with Blynk before you order your Blynk Hosting Plan.

As you are considering your implementation team members, keep in mind that Blynk was designed as a web based CMS operation engineers that know a little web app handling knowledge like turning knobs and pressing buttons.


Since most of our clients come to Blynk after struggling with their current digital signage platform, we have excellent built-in tools to help you move your existing digital signage into Blynk.

Blynk’s highly skilled professionals help you migrate all your content, template designs, and digital assets into Blynk CMS quickly and easily, no matter what traditional platform you used before!

Build Out

Now that you have a backup of your old CMS, you can begin editing your new layouts, configuring your Blynk users and workflow, and refactoring your migrated content along with new content into your new Media folder. No application or database programming is required.

To speed up the launch, some clients build out their CMS and launch it with the professionally-designed Blynk template that is included with each Blynk Hosting Plan. It’s fully-compatible with major operating systems including Android, Windows and Linux. After the launch, they spend the time to create and “skin” their templates with a completely new and unique graphical design that perfectly fits the site’s content and functionality.


Blynk’s amazing list of features is usually all most organizations need. But for some, they have very specialized features or need Blynk to integrate with other systems. To meet these needs, we offer a full range of application, database, and app side programming. Our in-house development team is uniquely qualified to accommodate these special requests and each hosted Blynk instance is designed to run it’s own custom software build while still receive core software updates. We take great pride in maintaining your custom digital signage instance so you don’t end up with a custom solution that can’t be upgraded down the road.


The Design phase is what most clients associate with a new network deployment. Everyone gets excited about the “New Templates”. It is a very important aspect of the digital signage solution. This is the phase that most clients want to do first. But over the years, we have come to realize that until you have built out your site with content, navigation, and have enabled and tested the functionality and user flows through your site, you really aren’t ready to dress it up.

liveSite has unique features that let you create any number of new designs and preview them on your production pages before launching the new “skin” across some or all your web pages with the click of a button.


After launch, most clients find they are equipped to tweak and grow their liveSite website themselves. We typically provide a series of video tutorials to augment our videos for each client to show them how to manage their own site which makes all the difference.

For organizations that aren’t sure how much support they might need the first year, we can custom tailor an annual support plan so we can be available if and when you need a helping hand.

For other organizations that have their own in-house web team and expect to only need spot help when they get into a jam, or a customization here or there, we offer pay-as-you-go services. You simply tell us what you need, we’ll provide you an estimate, and you purchase credits and we get started on your project. Projects large and small are tracked securely through our project portal so your team can get alerts and follow the progress in real-time.

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Every liveSite comes complete with a fully-functioning website ready to customize!

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