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Become a Web Architect


We are looking for great web designers and web developers that can help us create customized CMS for our clients.

Blynk is based in Bangalore, India, but we have many Web Architects across India. that work for us to deliver web services to our client base.

We offer compensation based on expertise and performance.


  •  A great attitude.
  •  Great written communications skills.
  •  Self-motivated. Self-reliant. Well-organized.
  •  Experience building websites using CMS / eCommerce platforms.
  • Proven expertise in one or more of the following skill sets:
  •  Systems Administration
  •           Linux / Apache / Networking / Security / Backups
  •  Back-End Development
  •           MySQL / PHP / SVN
  •  Front-End Development
  •           HTML / CSS / JS / JQuery
  •  Website Planning & Management
  •           Information Architecture / Content Strategy / Training

If you would like to be considered, please contact human resources.

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