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Blynk digital signage solution is a hosted, cloud based CMS that can support Android, Windows and Linux based media players.

Layout Design        

Create new leayout from scratch or import your entire existing layout , so you’ll never have to compromise the look of your digital signage screens

Collection of Layout Templates
Every Blynk Digital Signage instance pre bundled with a complete set of layout template ready to go, so you can quickly remove the zones you don’t need instead of taking the time to learn how to build them.

Cross Platform
Blynk digital signage CMS supports cross platform media players including Android, Windows and Linux. You can bring your own choice of hardware (BYOD) or chose from best of breed media players offered by Blynk

Instant Migration
It can be real hassle to migrate to a new digital signage platform. You might have hundreds or thousands of screens, layouts, content and users etc within your old system. Blynk specialists will quickly scan your existing setup and import all your content and files without disturbing much your live deployment.

Protected Designs
User access control includes a “Designer” role that protects design files and front-end code from getting messed up by non-designer users. Yeah, it can happen.

With just a dozen custom HTML tags, you can quickly connect your front-end web page designs to liveSite’s powerful back-end functionality.

Ad Regions
Insert overlay banner ads both horizontal and vertical which slides in as overlay on top of Live TV Stream or any other content.

No Design Software Required
Create your layouts, upload all your digital assets, photos, and xml files using drag-n-drop or by importing them in a ZIP file. Edit xml layout files and images in place on the server without the need for FTP or any other desktop design software.

Multiple File Upload
You can upload one or many files with drag and drop ease. You can order the content by simple drag and drop mechanism.

Layout Designer
Edit your layout xml files from within your web browser and see an instant preview of your changes across all devices. No need to FTP files back and forth to the web server every time you need to make a change.

Theme Preview Mode
View, test, and share your template design updates with other users across your production pages, without affecting your live digital signage screens.

Dynamic Regions
Add IFRAME to your templates in the special case where you need to push or pull data from another web page.

Protected Designs
User access control includes a “Designer” role that protects design files and front-end code from getting messed up by non-designer users. Yeah, it can happen.

Site Administration

No software or servers to manage or monitor. That’s our job. You get instant access to detailed dashboard, reports, alerts, triggers, notifications and real time screen status etc across your site as soon as you login.

Cloud Hosted
As a cloud-based solution, you don’t have to hassle with networks, firewalls, servers, data security, security patches, and all that other technical mumbo jumbo. We manage it all in for you in our state-of-the-art data center.

Network Monitoring
Every screen is monitored 24/7/365 by our proprietary monitoring system that continually watches for and clears server traffic jams and protects your players/screens from down time.

Automatic Software Upgrades
We provide free software updates for all Hosted or Managed customers. with new feature enhancements and fixes applied to your Blynk CMS and Signage players automatically, you are always running the most current version.

Redundant Backups
We backup your entire instance on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to ensure you never have to worry about data loss.

CMS Restore Services
Since we maintain several backups of your CMS, we can restore your entire CMS, or just a portion of it quickly if the need arises.

Optimized content delivery
Through the use of the newest network techniques, caching, CDNs, and parallel requests, Bktbj is massively optimized for speed. Even with hundreds of thousands of data points coming together on a instance - it’s almost instantaneous.

Welcome Dashboard
Get instant access to total online screens, the most recent content played, and the most recent screen activity across your entire screens network as soon as you login.

Google Analytics
Analyzing your impressions is easy. With Google Analytics now built into our media player software, just enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID and all your views are tracked automatically. Again, no coding, and no worries.

Proof of play reports
Google Analytics provides most of the impressions data you’ll need. But for questions like: “What kind of demographic customers are looking out our screens?” or “What kind of content/advertisement is perforing better”? or “did the offline screens played the content as per the schedule?” you can create your own proof of play Reports for answers.

Site Log
Track all content publishing changes in real-time based on screens, users and groups so you will always know who changed what.

Secure Modes
Blynk digital signage solution is designed around data security so not only are your transactions encrypted, but all your content and login transmissions are too which is not true of all popular digital signage platforms.

Player licensing
Having trouble with fraudsters or trolls interacting with your CMS? No problem. We show you their IP address so you can block an IP range of a single IP address quickly and easily. We block their logins, content, and schedules gracefully so they don’t even know you’ve blocked them. So their Player license will automatically be controlled

User Management

Add unlimited member and client portals, and delegate every aspect of CMS Management to your staff using amazingly flexible access control.

Unlimited User Accounts
Unlike most enterprise digital signage platforms, Blynk allows for an unlimited number of Users so you can grow your network without growing your cost.

Role-based User Access
Delegate and restrict any aspect of network building, configuration, content, and screens management to others using flexible access control. There are infinite ways to delegate user access to any feature or section of your CMS securely. Users can be given trial access to areas and have their access expire after any period of time. Users can also manage their own account profiles including time zones, contact information and passwords.

Intranets & Extranet Deployment
Not only can you manage and update your public screens, you can also create and manage private screens for your staff, customers, members, or partners.

Unlimited Bandwidth
Manage all your contents in one place with unlimited storage. Restrict cloud space for different users if necessary.

Advertiser Microsites
Create secure micro sites within your CMS and even redirect users automatically to their micro site when they login.

User Self-Management
All staff, and managers can change or retrieve their password at anytime.

User Types
Add a visible user type next to the display of any username. User Types are great to identify or differentiate uploads and modifications made by special groups of users on your CMS.

Content Management

Integrated CMS features empower your staff to create, publish, and update digital signage contents easily. Layouts, display groups, screens, tags and reports are all updated in real-time.

No Desktop Software Required
Using any popular web browser, your staff can update digital signage content, features, and create reports from their office, home, or on the road.

The integrated content management system allows you to delegate, create, publish, manage, secure, and update digital signage content and media easily.

Real-time Publishing
The content, schedule or any other changes reflects in real time accross entire network of screens in real time or near real time basis. The offline screens gets synchronized when the come online

Media Support
Upload and play video or images on any zone on your digital signage screens, or embed video from any online service like YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

Unlimited Screens
Create unlimited screens and connect them to CMS to monitor on real time basis

Unlimited Layouts
Create Playlists, layouts and use them for display groups, or across network of screens.

Access Control
Mark media and layouts as public, or restrict access to any group of users like your staff, customers, clients, members, project teams, or even a specific individual.

Default layouts
This feature allows you to test your screens, or just keep playing the default content which can be a simple logo or some default content when there is no content to show.

File Sharing
Securely share Media files with your staff, members, customers, or guests, allowing them to view or download the files from their own location.

Secure File Downloads
Make any file available for download from your CMS. Control access to downloads based on a user’s privileges.

Unlimited Folders
Create unlimited folders to place media and layout files to secure them for specific audiences. Built-in security prevents unauthorized access from deep-linking.

Add rotating ads into your signage designs to create animated home page banners, presentation slides within pages, or traditional rotating ad images and content anywhere on your screen. This can add up to increased revenue from your digital signage screens.

Self-Expiring Content
Configure RSS Feeds to post current news and information to your screens through intranet, or extranet feeds and have it expire automatically after a specified period of time.

Add Tags to expose searchable content and make it easier for users to find related content.

Archive Feature
Any media content or File can be archived. Archived pages will still be available to Content Managers, but not to any other users to the page.

Shared Content & Menus
Unlimited media content and menus can be created and shared across several or all screens and users.

Calendaring & Scheduling

Create public calendar for public screens or test screens, or protected calendars for any group of screens so you can quickly find required schedules, assign or manage the schedules easily.

Unlimited Calendars
Create calendars for your display groups or for individual display screen with complete control over who can update them and who can view them.

Past Content
Past content can either roll off the calendar immediately or they can be unpublished after a certain number of days so older contents don't confuse staff.

Content Approval Process
Contents can be drafted by any authorized user you specify, but only published on the calendar by the Calendar Manager.

Scheduling Conflicts
Enable scheduling for event locations, such as room reservations, and liveSite will resolve conflicts to keep events from overlapping.

Responsive Layouts
Calendars can be displayed as 'month at a glance', 'week at a glance', or only 'future schedules'. Calendar layouts are responsive so the appropriate layout is displayed based on the computer or device viewing it.

You can assign any user with access to manage their own area calendar so you don't have to rely on a single person to manage all organization content.

3rd Party API Interface

Blynk digital signage solution can interface API for almost any type of 3rd party systems such as Live TV, ad network interface, ticketing system interface, queue management, dashboard, billing systems etc. And Blynk specialist team does it all at very nominal partner fees.

Live TV Integration
Keep your audience engaged in public places such as restaurants, railway station, waiting areas etc with Live TV of your choice. We simply route the Live TV through our solution.

Ad Network
Let your digital signage investment get you some bucks!. Yes, you can integrate your digital signage screens with ad networks in order to stream the advrtisements and monetize your foot fall.

Queue Management
Integrate Queue Management with Blynk to reduce perceived waiting times for your customers. By strategically placing digital signage around hotspots where dwell times are longest, you can display relevant messaging to engage customers and influence the buying decision at POS (point of sale)..

Sell Access
Sell access to your public screens, a specific zone on your screen to advertisers. Access can be granted automatically or through moderation to set specific permissions.

iBeacon - Proximity Marketing
Blynk digital signage solution can be easily integrated with iBeacon - a fine-grained location services technology which can be used to push personalised messages to your customers’ smartphones. And, instead of offering customers the option to set a reminder for a product they’ve bookmarked within your App, you can use iBeacon to push reminders to customers’ smartphones when they’re in close vicinity to a bookmarked product in-store..

Database integration
Pull data from an external source, integrating a data source seamlessly into signage. The technology extracts data from other databases from specific tables. A data object allows you to process and present the data real time basis as per the business requirement. The application includes preseting management dashboards, ticket managment system , automated alerts etc

IOT - Internet of Things
The devices, data and tools you use to run your business can be brought together and expanded in new ways you never thought possible. By implementing a Digital Signage strategy and integrating Blynk digital signage system, you can capitalize on the Internet of Things, you can stop just running your business and start making it thrive.

Customization & OEM

Complete custom digital signage solution to meet your business requirement. From custom layout design, white label branding & theming, to 3rd party integrations, private hosting etc, we provide a comprehensive end-to-end solution for your digital signage strategy .

Custom Applications
Add custom applications and widgets, menus, pages, integrations etc as per your business needs. We have decades of technical expertiser to implement your applications

Custom Databases
Create custom databases to collect or import data that can then be displayed through filtered and protected data views.

Data Views
Create and Display data custom data reports for specific audiences or specific users.

Add any type of directory and file structure to your CMS, including media and other links.

Custom Processes
Create and define a custom workflow that matches your organization standards in order to enable smooth adoption of our sytem in your organization.

Automated E-Mail Notifications & Alerts
Notify staff, management or support representatives when certain conditions met in terms of performance or in terms of failures, down time and other issues. Also trigger third-party e-mail applications.

Code Hooks
Open API to your partners and affiliates to get access to your systems and increase efficiency and profitability.

Every Blynk instance comes complete with a fully-functioning CMS ready to manage!

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